Sprocket Dog Dectective
Written by Louise Gikow
Illustrator Barbara Lanza
Published 1985
Publisher Muppet Press/Henry Holt and Company
Series Weekly Reader Fraggle Rock Book Club
ISBN 0030045584

Sprocket, Dog Detective is a Fraggle Rock storybook. It centers on Sprocket, and how one occasion, intrigued by his brief glimpses and contacts with Fraggles, he decides to follow one such Fraggle: Uncle Traveling Matt. As Matt explores outer space, Sprocket decides to follow him. They both see the 1943 movie Lassie Come Home, and both react to the screen (alarming the theater manager). The pair make friends, overcoming Matt's previous fear of the "Beast," and when Doc finally returns, he finds a dog satisfied by his exciting day.

The book was also published in a non-Weekly Reader format as Follow That Fraggle!