Written by Kara McMahon
Illustrator Barry Goldberg
Published 2006
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0375835083

Squeaky Clean (All About Hygiene) is a Happy Healthy Monsters / Healthy Habits for Life book featuring Elmo as the host of a talk show titled Monster Talk on the Happy Healthy Monsters Network. Elmo has invited Ernie and Bert as guests on the show. Ernie is happy to come, but Bert is feeling a bit embarrassed according to Ernie. He's not very clean, but Elmo encourages him to come out anyway so they can give him a bath. He assigns the squeaky-clean team to give Bert a squeaky-clean makeover.

As Bert enjoys his bath, Elmo speaks with some other guests to cover other topics. He talks with Grover about handwashing --- why it's important and how to do it. He has Cookie Monster and Baby Bear on the show to discuss toothbrushing. Cookie Monster also teaches Elmo that you should only touch food if you intend to eat it.

This book also includes a three-page Note to Parents. Two of the pages are content available in all books in this series. However, the unique note in this book includes general advice on hygiene, as well as ways to make routines fun.

The very last page contains a list of Helpful Hints for Happy Healthy Monsters.

Like other books in this series, this book comes with a collectible recipe card.