Stacey Weingarten

Stacey Weingarten is a puppet/prop builder and a Muppet wrangler who has worked for The Jim Henson Company since 2008. She started as a production assistant on the "What's the Word on the Street?" segments for Season 40 of Sesame Street and has gone on to be a puppet wrangler and prop builder for the Muppet Workshop. She has been credited on-screen for her work on Sesame Street in Season 45, Season 46, Season 47 and Season 48. Weingarten worked on the "Elmo the Musical" segments and has served as a puppet wrangler for various television and promotional appearances by the Sesame Street characters. She also worked as a puppet wrangler on Julie's Greenroom.

Her other credits include work on Avenue Q, ImaginOcean, and Johnny and the Sprites.

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