PERFORMER Bill Barretta

Stanley the Mouse is a character in The Animal Show.

He appeared in the episode "Mouse" where he tells Stinky the Skunk and Jake the Polar Bear all about mice, shrews, and voles. During that time, Stinky planned to throw a surprises party for Stanley who doesn't like surprises. During that time, Stinky unknowingly invited Timothy the Owl, Kiki the Rattlesnake, and Virginia the Red Fox who plotted to eat Stanley causing Stinky and Jake to keep the three of them distracted from Stanley through whatever means possible. At the end of the episode, Stanley is told by Stinky that he had talked to the three animals and that they won't harm him. However, they will allow Stanley to take a head start out of the studio before they come after him.

His puppet was previously used as a member of the mouse family in The Muppet Christmas Carol and is later recycled as Moosey Mouse in Mopatop's Shop.

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