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Waldorf's on the left, Statler's on the right.
PERFORMER Richard Hunt Statler, 1976-1991
  Jim Henson Waldorf, 1975-1990
DEBUT 1975
DESIGN Bonnie Erickson designer/builder

Television's most famous hecklers, Statler and Waldorf, as drawn by their original builder, Bonnie Erickson of the Muppet Workshop.

Statler and Waldorf are a pair of elderly Muppet characters known for their cantankerous opinions and shared penchant for heckling. They share the stage left balcony box in The Muppet Theatre, and the two delight in heckling every aspect of The Muppet Show. Waldorf is the one with the rounder face, white hair, and moustache. In almost all productions, Statler appears on the audience's right and Waldorf on the left. They first appeared as a pair in the 1975 pilot The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence. Fans and pop culture have sometimes referred to them simply as the "two old guys in the balcony."

On The Muppet Show, they usually have the last word, with a final comment at the end (except for episodes 123, 217, 314, and 515), and are especially unforgiving to Fozzie Bear. However, it is revealed in A Muppet Family Christmas that the two critics are friends with Fozzie's mother, Ma Bear.

On the first season of Muppets Tonight, Statler and Waldorf are seen watching the show from the living room of what appears to be a retirement home. In the second season, they watch the show on a portable television from various locations, including a golf course and a ski lift.

In The Muppet Christmas Carol, they play the ghosts of Scrooge's business partners, Jacob and Robert Marley. In Muppet Treasure Island, Statler and Waldorf are the Figurehead of the Hispaniola. In The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, they appear as the Kalidah Critics, strange beasts who shout insults at anyone attempting to cross a treacherous bridge.

From 2005-2006, Statler and Waldorf starred in a bi-weekly online series, From the Balcony, on the website In the series of short videos, the crotchety pair dished on the latest movie releases.

The duo take on a featured role in The Muppets, sharing the fine print of the Muppet contract with villain Tex Richman. Of course, Statler and Waldorf don't realize that Tex plans to raze Muppet Studios and drill for oil, which would mean the end of their balcony - and their heckling.

In Muppets Most Wanted, they travel with the Muppets watching their touring show. And they say Miss Piggy's performance of the Macarena has made the show even worse, managing the impossible.

Solo appearances

Conrad Waldorf in Des O'Connor Entertains


Statler and Waldorf are almost always seen together, but they have made occasional individual appearances. Examples include:

  • Waldorf tries to convince John Denver to back out of his appearance on The Muppet Show in the teaser for Episode 401.
  • When Statler can't make it to The Muppet Show guest starring Dizzy Gillespie, Waldorf brings his wife Astoria, who bears a striking resemblance to Statler.
  • Statler appeared on his own frequently in The Muppets comic strip (1981-1986), sometimes to heckle on his lonesome but often in the background or as foil to characters outside of the usual (such as a patient to Dr. Bob).
  • Statler appeared in an episode of The Bachelorette on May 21, 2012, in the audience of a fundraiser variety show featuring the Muppets.



The duo watching themselves on TV.


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