Stephen Brathwaite (b. ca. 1949) is a Canadian puppeteer and artist who served as an additional puppeteer on Follow That Bird. He also puppeteered on episodes of the Creature Shop series B.R.A.T.S. of the Lost Nebula.

Brathwaite is the brother of puppeteer/builder Noreen Young and worked with her on her series Under the Umbrella Tree (as Jacob Blue Jay), and Wacky Palms. He also puppeteered on Groundling Marsh (as Mud), Bookmice (Brash the cat), and the horror comedy Bride of Chucky.

Outside of puppetry, Brathwaite is a prominent glass artist, and has designed and built a variety of structures for exhibition, sale, and even for government projects. He designed the playground in Ottawa's Strathcona Park, a structure resembling ancient ruins.

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