Written by Irving Berlin
Date 1948
Source Easter Parade

"Steppin' Out With My Baby" is a song sung by Fred Astaire as part of a dance number involving Astaire on stairs and three different dance partners in the 1948 musical film, Easter Parade. The song has been recorded and performed by several artists, most notably Tony Bennett.

The song was briefly used in the special Julie: My Favorite Things in a dance scene with Julie Andrews and the Klunks.

Martin Short sings the song as the closing number with penguins and dance with Miss Piggy in episode 110 of Muppets Tonight. However, due to eating a lot of Mama Fiama's pasta sauce, Martin Shorts becomes fat that he breaks most of the props and messing up the dance routine during the closing number. Carter makes an appearance in the song to help Martin Short by providing his jacket and a tank oxygen when he has trouble breathing.

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