Stinkie en Boudewijn Show (Stinky and Jake Show) was the Dutch dubbed version of The Animal Show, produced for the public channel VPRO. The series debuted in 1995, with frequent reruns in subsequent years. A total of thirteen episodes were dubbed.[1]

Character Translations and Voices

English Name Dutch Name Dutch Voice Actor
Jake the Polar Bear Boudewijn Huib Broos
Stinky the Skunk Stinkie Peer Mascini
Tizzy the Bee Tizzy de Bij Serge Henri Valcke
Yves St. La Roache Jean-Jacques Kakkerlak Wim T. Schippers
Guest Animal Voices:
Jacques Commandeur, Ingeborg Elzevier, Frits Lambrechts, Peter Bolhuis, Babette Mulder, Karstien Hovingh

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