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PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino
DEBUT 1993

Stinky as a real boy (episode 4049)

Sculpts of the Stinky puppet.

Stinky the Stinkweed is a living stinkweed from Sesame Street. At times he's a bit self-conscious about his smelly lot in life, but he's generally a very friendly plant. He doesn't hesitate to ask for a favor, "If it's not too much of a bother."

At times, Stinky has bloomed single flowers, sprouting right out of his head. Surprisingly, these flowers varied in color: he has been spotted with a pink, blue, yellow and a plain green flower.

The character first appeared as a one-off in Episode 3133 (season 24) as the title character in a story, "The Stinkweed and the Sun." In the following season, he became a recurring character, often seen in either a planter in the park or in his flowerpot. He continued to make recurring appearances through season 45. When he wins an award in Episode 4403, the judges refer to him as Stinky Grandiflora (a variety of a plant that bears flowers).

When Joey Mazzarino won the Daytime Emmy in 2010 for his performances on Sesame Street, Stinky was one of the official credits listed. A large version of Stinky was incorporated into the Vegetable Garden float in the Sesame Place Neighborhood Street Party parade.

Mazzarino claims the character was partly inspired by one of Mel Brooks' routines as the 2,000 Year Old Man.[1]


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