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Music by Henny Vrienten
Lyrics by Willem Knigge
Publisher HV Music

Stoepkrijt ("Sidewalk Chalk") is a Sesamstraat song that Pino sings about drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. He draws a lady in a hat waiting for a bus, two children playing with a ball, and a painter in white coveralls. Over them he adds a blue sky with birds and a kite. Unfortunately a dog comes along and poops on the sky, creating a yucky dog-poop cloud.

There is an animated version of this song, which shows the animated chalk drawings as described. An animated dog crosses the scene, and at the end the lady in the hat holds her nose. (YouTube)

A version which originally aired as part of a Christmas special in 2009 is performed as a duet by Pino and Edsilia Rombley, with Masha taking the part of the dog. (YouTube)