Published 1991
Publisher Funk & Wagnalls
Series Jim Henson's Muppet Stories
ISBN 077731350308

Stories to Grow On is volume 3 in the Jim Henson's Muppet Stories series. The series collects the various Jim Henson's Bedtime Stories short stories in hardback form.

Included in this volume are Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, Muppet Show, and Kermit's Tales stories. Many feature the theme of patience, finding ways to pass the time while waiting, and taking your time while working. A few of the stories have accompanying activity pages.


  • "Kermit and the Best Present of All"- Muppet Show cast
  • "The Great Dress Disaster" - Muppet Show cast
  • "The Contest"/"Fraggle Rock, Fraggle Roll" (activity) - Fraggle Rock
  • "Baby Fozzie's Green Thumb" - Muppet Babies
  • "Helping Harriet Home" - Kermit's Tales
  • "Baby Kermit's Safari"/"Safari Search" (activity) - Muppet Babies
  • "The Floppy Hopper Dropper Stopper" - Muppet Show
  • "Clothes Make the Gonzo" - Muppet Show

Picture Title/Summary Author/Illustrator
Kermit's Surprise Party
"Kermit and the Best Present of All"
Kermit is cleaning his house on a Saturday night in preparation for a surprise party for Fozzie. Once the guests arrive, Kermit realizes he's forgotten to get a birthday present for Fozzie, but realizes at the end that friendship is the best gift of all.

The other party guests include Miss Piggy, Rowlf, Gonzo, Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Janice, and Robin.

Written by Marianne Meyer
Illustrated by Richard Walz
The great dress disaster
"The Great Dress Disaster"
Miss Piggy is getting ready to go the ball with Kermit, but discovers a spot on the dress she had planned to wear. After a disastrous turn in the washing machine and then the dryer, the dress is ruined, and Kermit has arrived to take Piggy to the costume ball. Covered in dirt from being in the attic searching for a new dress, Piggy realizes it is a Costume Ball, and Kermit is pleased at her Cinderella costume.
Written by Andrew Gutelle
Illustrated by Richard Walz
The contest
"The Contest"
Cantus the Minstrel is holding a "Midsummer Festival Music Contest" which is open to all the residents of Fraggle Rock. All the Fraggles (including Red, Gobo, Boober, Wembley, and Mokey) go off to compose a song for the contest. However, it is their songs put together which captures the spirit of the Midsummer Festival and wins the contest.

Unlike his puppet or animated forms, Cantus is depicted as purple with green hair.

Written by Harry Ross
Illustrated by Larry DiFiori
Purple cantus
"Fraggle Rock, Fraggle Roll"
Activity story in which Mokey has written a poem for the Midsummer Festival, but has not finished it. The reader is asked to finish the rhymes in the poem from pictures provided.

Cantus is depicted in this poem as a purple Fraggle with yellow hair.

Illustrated by Larry DiFiori
Fozzie waiting
"Baby Fozzie's Green Thumb"
Baby Fozzie decides to see if he has a green thumb, and plants tomato seeds in the window box outside the Nursery window. After two days have passed, he become impatient, and receives advice from the other babies. Baby Piggy suggests feeding the seeds, Baby Kermit advises talking to the seeds, and Baby Gonzo suggests building a Scarecrow. Growing restless, Fozzie sets out to play with the others, and after building a tower with Baby Scooter and playing chopsticks with Baby Rowlf, Piggy discovers a seedling, and Fozzie discovers that patience is the most important thing when it comes to gardening
Written by Harry Ross
Illustrated by Tom Cooke
Helping harriet
"Helping Harriet Home"
Carmen the groundhog is sad that her friend Harriet the goose is flying south for the winter. Carmen worries that Harriet will be unable to find the meadow on her return, so she devises a sign to welcome Harriet home. Mother Nature wrecks havoc on the signs, making Carmen very sad, but she is overjoyed to awaken one morning to Harriet's honking. Harriet explains to Carmen that birds don't need a sign to find their homes, but the sign Carmen unknowingly created was a wonderful welcome home present.
Written by Richard Chevat
Illustrated by John Gurney
Kermit safari
"Baby Kermit's Safari"
Baby Kermit is in the Nursery in his little blue jeep, when he decides he wants to go on an African safari. He imagines himself in Africa, and hears the cry of a young elephant named Annabelle. She has lost her Mother and is searching for her with the help of her Parrot friend. Climbing into Kermit's jeep, they encounter many animals before they reach Annabelle's mother, Eloise. Kermit then returns to the Nursery, where Baby Fozzie informs him that he's just in time for a snack of Animal Crackers, of which he's saved him an Elephant.
Written by Deborah Kovacs
Illustrated by Tom Cooke
Safari search
"Safari Search"
Baby Kermit picture hunt game of an African jungle.
Illustrated by Tom Cooke
"The Floppy Hopper Dropper Stopper"
Scooter informs Kermit that there is a problem with the acrobatic rabbit act scheduled to perform in that night's show at The Muppet Theatre. Abbot, the head rabbit, tells Kermit that their Floppy Hopper Dropper Stopper is missing, and they cannot go on without it. Kermit and Scooter search the Theatre to no avail, and discover that the Rabbit's have located the missing stopper themselves. Miss Piggy and Gonzo also appear.
Written by Richard Chevat
Illustrated by Richard Walz
"Clothes Make the Gonzo"
Gonzo has dressed in a new outlandish outfit for his number in the show, but everyone at the Muppet Theatre is questioning his choice of clothing. As he stands in the wings waiting to go on, Kermit tells Gonzo that Leapin' Lenny the rock star is in the audience watching the show. Gonzo becomes self-conscious of his outfit, but has no time to change before he goes on. After the best performance of his life, Lenny comes backstage to borrow Gonzo's ensemble for his concert the next night. He leaves tickets for the whole Muppet gang (including Scooter, Miss Piggy, and Rowlf) to see the show as well.
Written by Randi Hacker
Illustrated by Richard Walz

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