Published 1991
Publisher Funk & Wagnalls
Series Jim Henson's Muppet Stories
ISBN 077731350209

Stories to Share is volume 2 in the Jim Henson's Muppet Stories series. The series collects the various Jim Henson's Bedtime Stories short stories in hardback form. Included in the volume are stories from Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, The Muppet Show, and Kermit's Tales. Many feature the theme of responsibility, making good choices, and doing the right thing.

Picture Title/Summary Author/Illustrator
Hike On Dragon Mountain.JPG
Hike on Dragon Mountain
Robin has asked his Uncle Kermit if he wants to climb Dragon Mountain with him. Kermit agrees, as he hasn't climbed the mountain since he was a Frog Scout. On the trip back down, Kermit becomes lost, but Robin leads him back on the trail using the skills in his Frog Scout Handbook.
Written by Deborah Kovacs
Illustrated by Richard Walz
Babes in snowland.JPG
Babes in Snowland
Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, and its getting near Christmas, but no snow has fallen outside the Muppet Babies nursery. The Babies imagine themselves into their snow globe, where they meet Mr. Snowman and his snow machine. He tells the Babies that he has become bored with snow, but after they recount their memories of snow to him, he realizes all the wonderful winters that he has seen and orders it to snow. The Babies return to the nursery just in time for it to begin snowing outside, where they immediately venture outside to play in the first snowfall of winter.
Written by Charles Hirsch
Illustrated by Tom Cooke
Up up away illustration.JPG
Up, Up, and Away
Gonzo is excited that the big fair has come to town, and is the first to visit the fairgrounds. While there, he applies as an assistant for Mr. Sammis, the Hot-Air Balloon operator. Assuring Mr. Sammis that he is sensible and reliable, he gets a trial run. While guarding the balloon, Mr. Sammis' kitten Ariel climbs into the basket, and while trying to remove the kitten, Gonzo accidentally releases the balloon, with himself and the kitten in tow. Both are saved in the end, and Gonzo, Mr. Sammis, and Ariel enjoy a controlled ride in the balloon.
Written by Deborah Kovacs
Illustrated by Richard Walz
Skys the limit stories to share.JPG
The Sky's the Limit
Picture hunt illustration, with Gonzo, Mr. Sammis, and Ariel flying over town in Mr. Sammis' hot-air balloon.
Illustrated by Richard Walz
Up the spout.JPG
Up the Waterspout
Itsy Bitsy Spider realizes that Solomon Sun has overslept, and it will be a rainy day. While walking to school with his sister Mitzi Spider, they hear the cries of someone stuck in chewing gum in the rainspout. Ignoring the warnings of his mother to not climb up the rainspout on a possibly rainy day, Mitzy and Itsy climb up the waterspout to untangle Fred Fly. Just as he is freed, the three are washed down the spout by a sudden downpour of rain. Realizing Itsy and Mitzy and about to be washed away, Fred flies to the home of Solomon, who wakes up and dries up all the rain.
Written by Barry Keating
Illustrated by John Gurney
Fozzies new partner.JPG
Fozzie's New Partner
Fozzie Bear has just performed his smash, one-bear show "The Funniest Bear Anywhere" at The Muppet Theatre, but is upset that the audience didn't laugh at all of his jokes. Kermit suggests that Fozzie visit Muppet Labs, and Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew will be able to help him out. They create a Robot named Loopy, who will laugh at everything Fozzie says. Fozzie soon discovers that Loopy laughs at everything Fozzie says, and he's unable to tell what jokes are really funny, so he returns him back to Muppet Labs.
Written by Jim Lewis
Illustrated by Richard Walz
Swimming gang.JPG
What Should We Play?
Bean Bunny, Chester Frog, and Hannah Toad are bored on a summer afternoon. While Bean wants to play Pirates and Chester wants to play 20,000 Leagues under the pond, both realize they cannot as the pond is drying up from the heat. Hannah convinces them both to talk a walk to see what surprises they might encounter. After an adventure on their walk, thunder and lightning cut the trip short, but when the trio return to the pond, they find it has fill up enough for them to swim in.
Written by Daphne Skinner
Illustrated by John Gurney
Stories to share surprise shapes.JPG
Surprise Shapes
Hannah Toad, Chester Frog, and Bean Bunny are playing near their clubhouse in this picture search by John Gurney.
Illustrated by John Gurney
Wilde world of gonzo.JPG
The Wide World of Gonzo
Baby Gonzo is sick in bed with a cold. To keep him from being bored, Nanny gives Gonzo an adventure magazine. Gonzo grumbles that he doesn't want to see other people having adventures, so Nanny gives him safety scissors, paste, and pictures of himself, and tells Gonzo to cut up the snapshots and paste himself over the people having the adventures in the magazine. As soon as he is done, Gonzo imagines himself as a Cowboy riding a Horse, or jumping out of an airplane. His excitement gets Baby Kermit's attention, who thought Gonzo was just having a normal cold, not an adventure.
Written by Kimberly Morris
Illustrated by Tom Cooke
Piggys new leaf.JPG
Piggy's New Leaf
Miss Piggy has just finished having Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo over for lunch. Fozzie has gotten peas stuck to the ceiling showing everyone his new juggling act. Gonzo has gotten mashed potatoes on the table, and there are dirty dishes everywhere. While cleaning up, Piggy sees a book Kermit has left. A Birthday present from Fozzie, Piggy knows Kermit has been enjoying the book greatly, and begins to read it. She becomes so drawn into the book that she neglects the mess, and eventually spills chocolate milk all over Kermit's book. Hiding the book from Kermit, she rushes to the book store to purchase a replacement copy, only to find Kermit in line buying another copy of his lost book. She tells him the truth, and vows never to do anything like that again.
Written by Louise Gikow
Illustrated by Richard Walz

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