PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1974

Sully and Biff

Sully is a construction worker, and a friend and colleague to Biff, who first appeared in Season 5.[1]

Sully is never heard speaking on the show, typically because the talkative Biff never lets him get a word in edgewise. Despite this, it is suggested that he is indeed capable of speech. In the song "Think of Your Fingers," Biff recalls Sully giving him advice on how to remember the number 5. Also, in Big Bird Gets Lost, while drilling loudly, Biff tells Big Bird what Sully says. In Episode 3333, Bob tells Biff that he found Sully on Sesame Street and presumably Sully told Bob that he and Biff were supposed to meet there. Most notably, though, there was one time when Biff actually listened to what Sully had to say. This was during the introduction to "This Song is For the Birds". The only thing was, Sully whispered in Biff's ear, so we couldn't hear him. Also, in A Muppet Family Christmas, Sully can clearly be seen singing along in the big chorus numbers.

While Biff is usually the one to interrupt Sully, there have been occasions when other characters interrupted Sully before he could get a word in. In one segment, Grover asks Sully why the number two is his favorite number and, just as Sully starts to open his mouth, asks if the number two is the most wonderful number (he then shakes his head in disagreement).(First: Episode 1156) In episode 3333, when Sully finally shows up on Sesame Street and Biff asks him what kept him, Bob interrupts Sully to inform Biff of what has happened.

In addition to working in construction, Sully is good at playing the piano. However, Biff is sometimes oblivious to this.

In the 1990s, after Richard Hunt's death, Sully was performed by David Rudman.[2]

Although the two stopped making new appearances following 1999, the duo made background cameos in episodes 4204 and 4712. He and Biff appeared much more prominently in Episode 5017 and 5033.


  • Though he first physically appeared in season 5, he is referred to by name in Biff's first appearance in Episode 0487.
  • In Episode 0606, Biff mentions that Sully is married and recently had a baby girl named Junior.


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