DEBUT 1993

SuperWorm is a worm superhero who visited the street in Episode 3123 of Sesame Street. SuperWorm is brave, able to fly, and able to lift a Snuffleupagus. He is accompanied by his own heroic announcer, who chronicles The Adventures of SuperWorm (and sometimes Slimey). His name often appears in large red letters during his flight.

Although SuperWorm focuses on helping worms in trouble, he also helps people in distress in general (including frustrated fix-it man Luis). However, he does have one weakness: a crippling fear of birds (even large, friendly yellow ones). In the end, he needs his new assistant Slimey's help to get down. He flies off carrying Oscar inside his trash can.

SuperWorm is a parody of Superman, and his announcer and trumpeting theme are a particular nod to The Adventures of Superman radio series.