PERFORMER Jennifer Barnhart
DEBUT 2005

Super Chicken is featured in the plot of Sesame Street Episode 4105, where she is summoned by Big Bird and the Birdketeers when Maria and Luis run out of packing tape. While Super Grover takes his time to develop solutions to various problems, Super Chicken is quicker at the peck, using several abilities to solve a number of problems on Sesame Street.

Super Grover eventually ends up feeling unneeded, having endured the repeated exaltations of Super Chicken's theme song and facing defeat at her seemingly superior ways in which she solves problems. In a moment of defeat, he considers hanging up his cape and leaving Sesame Street.

The drama culminates when Gabi has prepared popcorn to share with everyone--a gesture which is met with a surprising interruption. Super Chicken proceeds to gobble up everyone's popcorn, making a mess and leaving none for anyone else. Big Bird reveals that popcorn is her one weakness: "One sniff and she goes bananas."

In a lesson in moderation, Grover observes that it is neither wise nor prudent to lose control of one's material urges and exposes the clucking superhero as a naughty chicken. Super Chicken leaves in a huff, and Super Grover decides to remain on Sesame Street after all, receiving a group hug.

Super Chicken had previously appeared in Episode 4071 at Super Grover's School for Super-heroes under false pretenses. She plays a larger role in Episode 4176, appearing with a sidekick, Robin. In the latter appearance, she was performed by Tyler Bunch. The puppet later made various appearances in Season 39 as a normal chicken.

The puppet is recycled from the Humongous Chicken.

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