Songs from Super Grover! Ready for Action
Released 2005
Format CD
Label VEE Corporation
Cat no. 60311RFA

The soundtrack for Super Grover! Ready for Action is only available for purchase at Sesame Street Live venues. In addition to the songs, the album tells the story of Super Grover's search for his "superness."

"The Company" includes Zoe, Prairie Dawn, Elmo, Bert, Super Grover, The Big Cheese (Joey Mazzarino), Count von Count, Rosita, Telly Monster, Baby Bear, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie and Kay (Rachel McLaughlin and Scottie Haskell).

Track listing

  1. Somebody Come and Play — The Company
  2. ABC Hip Hop — Kay and the Company
  3. Holding Out for a Hero — Kay, Elmo, Rosita, Telly and Zoe
  4. Get Ready for Action — Kay, Ernie, Bert and Baby Bear
  5. I Hope He Calls Us — Elmo, Rosita, Telly and Zoe
  6. Old MacDonald Had a Lunch — Old MacDonald, The Fabulous 5, and the Company
  7. The Super Part of Me — Super Grover
  8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star — Rosita
  9. Believe in Yourself — The Company
  10. Oscar's Song — Oscar
  11. Splish Splash — Elmo and the Company
  12. Fixin' My Hair — Elmo, Baby Bear, Bert and Cookie Monster
  13. Say Toothpaste, Somebody — Elmo and the Company
  14. Doin' the Pigeon — Bert, Baby Bear, Big Bird, and Count
  15. Healthy Food — Cookie Monster, Kay, Prairie Dawn and Zoe
  16. Get On Up and Move Your Body — Telly, Count and the Company
  17. Get Ready for Action (reprise) — Elmo, Grover, Rosita, Telly and Zoe
  18. I Got You (I Feel Good) — Grover and the Company
  19. Holding Out for a Hero (reprise) — The Company
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