Palisades Muppet Figures
Character Super Grover/Grover Kent
Date Fall 2005


Palisades Toys produced an exclusive action figure of Super Grover in 2005. He was exclusively available through the Palisades Collector's Club and on tours.

In the line of Muppet action figures, Grover is the only Sesame Street character: he was originally planned to be the first in a Sesame Street action figure line, but the series was eventually cancelled when Palisades went out of business. (The first series was intended to include Ernie, Oscar, Two-Headed Monster and Guy Smiley, as well as a Mega Big Bird and a street set for Oscar's trash can.)

The figure comes with two interchangeable heads: "Super Grover" with a helmet, and "Grover Kent" with a hat and glasses. Super Grover can be disguised to Grover Kent by switching heads, removing the cape and putting on the trench coat.

The figure fits inside the telephone booth, which is the largest accessory made for a Henson action figure (not counting the playsets). The booth has a fully working door.

Super Grover was packed in a windowed box with a lithograph by Alex Ross on the front. The lithograph could also be purchased at the Collectors Club.

Neck, ball jointed shoulders, hips
Two separate removable heads, fabric super cape, fabric trench coat, phone booth

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