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Super Healthy Monsters is a Sesame Street mini-series that debuted in June 2012. The 5 to 7-minute series focuses on activities and foods that keep one healthy. Sesame Workshop produced 26 episodes in English, which initially aired dubbed in Spain on Antena 3 as a Barrio Sésamo mini-series called "Monstruos Supersanos." Around 2011, the segments were also released in Latin America.[1]

Each episode featured framing scenes starring Elmo, followed by newly produced Muppet sketches and on-location film pieces. The film segments aren't retained in airings outside of Spain.

Excerpts from each episode are also available in the Antena 3 webpage, as well as a series of videos with Elmo and Spanish celebrities, such as singer David Bustamante, host Susanna Griso, chef Ferran Adrià and football player Gerard Piqué.

The series features main Sesame Street characters Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, Rosita, Ernie, Bert, Abby Cadabby and a new Muppet character, Dr. Ruster.

International airings

Select segments have since been incorporated into Sesamstrasse, Plaza Sésamo, Sesamstraat, and Sezamkowy Zakątek as stand-alone Muppet pieces. The episodes also began airing in Dutch as Super Gezonde Monsters, featuring additional material to extend the shows to a 10-minute running time. The episodes of the show has also been dubbed for the Catalan dub Barrí Sésam. The episodes have also been incorporated into the episodes of the 2015 revival of Iftah Ya Simsim.

Some segments were released in their original English on the 2013 C is for Cooking DVD, and a program using the segments was tested in New York City. In 2014, Sesame Workshop announced they would expand the program domestically.[1]

Episode Guide

*Episode numbers and air dates are based on their initial, dubbed airings on Antena 3.

Picture Description
Episode 1: Me gusta mi corazoncito (I Love My Little Heart)

Air date: June 30, 2012

Elmo briefly talks about the heart. Grover assists Dr. Ruster in a lecture on the heart.

Episode 2: Mover las manos como nubes (Move Your Hands Like Clouds)

Air date: July 1, 2012

Elmo likes to move his hands like clouds. In the park, Ernie wants Bert to jump with him and finds a way for him to. Cookie Monster learns that eating cookies all the time isn't good. A film, Celia has outgrown her clothes.

Episode 3: Escucha ésto (Listen to This)

Air date: July 4, 2012

Elmo teaches the viewer about sounds your body makes and the parts of the face. Ernie listens to his body's needs. Super Grover comes to the "rescue" of a yawning girl. In a film, Hugo and his family visit a farm.

Episode 4: Epi explora sus sentidos (Ernie Explores His Senses)

Air date: July 4, 2012

Elmo and the viewer use their senses in the park. Ernie bothers Bert while using his senses. Cookie Monster uses his senses to identify foods on Dr. Ruster's game show.

Episode 5: Colores para comer (Colors to Eat)

Air date: July 5, 2012

Elmo paints a rainbow and talks about eating colors. Ernie learns what a balanced meal is. Dr. Ruster hosts a game show about eating colors with contestant Cookie Monster. In a film, Oscar and his grandmother exercise in the park.

Episode 6: Así respiramos (Just Breathe)

Air date: July 8, 2012

Elmo likes to move and has a move he calls "The Elmo." Professor Grover tries to teach Rosita about breathing. In a film, Adriana takes a walk with her horse.

Episode 7: Comer a sus horas (Eat Your Hours)

Air date: July 11, 2012

Dr. Ruster hosts a game show about deciding on which food to eat all the time and which food to eat sometimes with contestant Cookie Monster. In a film, a very special snack is prepared for Conchita's birthday.

Episode 8: Asombrosos abrazos (Amazing Hugs)

Air date: July 11, 2012

Ernie tries to convince Bert to play imaginary tennis with him because moving is very good for health. Rosita invites her friend Enrieta to play basketball with her and Grover, but Grover is not convinced that a chicken can play basketball. In a film, a superhero save the environment and puts away the trash in a trash can.

Episode 9: Un desayuno sano (A Healthy Breakfast)

Air date: July 12, 2012

Elmo says he will go to the zoo to see animals, but his dad said that before he goes, he has to eat a healthy breakfast. Dr. Ruster hosts a game show about eating a healthy breakfast with Cookie Monster.

Episode 10: Perseveranica (Perseverance)

Air date: July 12, 2012

Elmo makes a paper airplane with some help from Pilar who taught him how to fold the paper to make it fly. Cookie Monster wants to play the guitar, but Rosita tells him that it takes practice and time. Ernie shows Bert how to ride on a pogo stick. In a film, Martina goes to the park with her cousin Carmen.

Episode 11: Lenguaje Coporal (Language Coporal)

Air date: July 16, 2012

Dr. Ruster advises Grover to sit and eat a healthy meal. In a film, Thaddeus shows the activities he does in school.

Episode 12: Hacer ejercicio en grupo y en familia (Exercise in Groups and Family)

Air date: July 17, 2012

Ernie and Bert has to fix the garden, but Ernie decides that jogging is a way to help clean up the garden and exercise. In a film, families has favorite things to do in the spring, such as going for walks and eating foods that came from the field.

Episode 13: Autonomía (Autonomy)

Air date: July 17, 2012

Ernie convinces Bert that falling and hurting himself is okay when he's trying to ride a bike. In a film, Adriana loves to ride on her pet horse, Serrana.

Episode 14: Haciendo gimnasia con el patito de goma (Doing Gymnastics with Rubber Duckie)

Air date: July 19, 2012

Ernie teaches Bert to jump on one foot while swinging his arms like a bird. In a film, Oscar and his grandmother exercise in the park.

Episode 15: Manzanas y papayas (Apples and Papayas)

Air date: July 19, 2012

Ernie returns from the market and shows Bert fruit he's never had before. Grover serves Cookie Monster some vegetarian cookies.

Episode 16: Compartir y cooperar (Share and Cooperate)

Air date: July 22, 2012

Ernie recites a poem about the heart, playing his bongos to imitate the beating. Elmo feels a sneeze coming on and Abby tries to magically help him.

Episode 17: Los órganos y su relación con el corazón (The bodies and their relationship with the heart)

Air date: July 23, 2012

Dr. Ruster explains to Grover about the importance of the brain, which makes him wear a helmet on his head for an idea of not falling. Ernie reads a book and breathes with his lungs at the same time and Bert tries to do the same.

Episode 18: Un hermoso plato (A Beautiful Dish)

Air date: July 24, 2012

Professor Grover tries to explains to a girl why healthy foods are good for her, but she corrects him every time when he said what kind of foods they are. In a film, families goes shopping on a Saturday.

Episode 19: Higiene (Hygiene)

Air date: July 25, 2012

Elmo and Abby imagine what would happen if they did have teeth. In a film, Nico explains what he does in the morning before he gets ready for school.

Episode 20: Demostrar y recibir afecto (Demonstrate and Receive Affection)

Air date: July 26, 2012

While Bert tries to read, Ernie takes photos of his various body parts (whether they're on the inside of him or not). In a film, Martina takes her cousin to the park.

Episode 21: Somos cocineros (We Are Cooks)

Air date: July 29, 2012

Bert goes pigeon-watching with his binoculars while he has a picnic with Ernie. Dr. Ruster teaches Grover how to make gazpacho.

Episode 22: Expersar emociones (Expressing Emotions)

Air date: July 30, 2012

Bert tries to cheer up a sad-looking Ernie. Abby tries to conjure up a friend for Elmo to play with.

Episode 23: Importancia de descansar bien (The Importance of Good Rest)

Air date: July 31, 2012

Elmo tries to take a nap, but he couldn't because every time Abby says the magic words to sleep, she accidentally woke him up with the sound of her wand. At the beach, Ernie bothers Bert with facts about sleeping while he tries to do so.

Episode 24: Crecemos (We Grow)

Air date: August 1, 2012

Ernie shows Bert the ducky shirt he wore when he was a young kid. Professor Grover talks about the bones in your body, with help from a cow.

Episode 25: Hacer ejercicio es divertido (Exercise is Fun)

Air date: August 2, 2012

Ernie sings and writes poems dedicated to his heart with the bongos, while Bert runs in the park so that the heartbeats keeps going to the sound of the bongos (repeat from ep. 16). In a film, a young girl prepares for the play at her college about the heart.

Episode 26: Respetar (Respect)

Air date: August 5, 2012

Ernie returns from the market and shows Bert fruit he's never had before (repeat from ep. 15). In a film, a girl visits a city of vegetables.

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