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DEBUT 1993

Super Nanny is, well, a super-powered nanny, as seen in Sesame Street Episode 3122. In reference to Disney's Mary Poppins, who she resembles in looks and personality, Super Nanny's real name is Penny Pipkins. Capable of flight, Super Nanny is "faster than a speeding mommy" and "nicer than a friendly doggy." Unrelenting niceness is her chief power, in fact, and even the dour behavior of Grouches cannot diminish it.

Also possessed of super-hearing, Super Nanny crashes onto Sesame Street, with her carpetbag and powerful feather duster. The duster, in addition to practical uses such as dusting and tickling, also doubles as a magic wand. When faced with such foes as a crying child, Super Nanny will sing a cheerful song and summon brightly colored birds. If that plan fails, she'll simply keep on doing it.

In spite of her good intentions and stated goal to care for Irvine while Oscar gets some work done, Super Nanny disrupts Oscar's day and surroundings. Her unilateral extreme makeover, converting the trash can into a haven of order and an explosion of roses and ribbons, distresses Oscar considerably, especially when she refuses to dirty it again. As a neutral party attuned to the ways of Grouches, Gina gives Ms. Pipkins a crash course in multicultural awareness as practiced on Sesame Street.

Once apprised of the damage that she's caused, Super Nanny sets things right and restores the trash can to normal, and parts on good terms with Oscar, off on another mission to care for a child in distress.