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Depictions of superheroes in Muppet productions. For specific depictions and references, see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, DC Comics, Marvel Comics and other related articles in the Superheroes Category.

The Muppet Show

Picture Production Description
Episode 419 In honor of Lynda Carter's appearance on the show, Scooter has ordered a correspondence course: "How To Be a Superhero." This version of Scooter was released as an action figure in 2003.
Fozzie superhero.jpg
Episode 419 Fozzie's antics include swinging across the backstage.
Episode 419 Lew Zealand attempts to use his x-ray vision on the guest star's dressing room door.
Episode 419 Gonzo's costume sports a chicken ornament on his helmet.
Episode 419
Episode 418
Super Rat is named in the Christopher Reeve episode and appears with the rest of the super Muppets in the Lynda Carter episode.
Episode 419 Link Hogthrob
Episode 419 Highlighted in a sketch of her own, Miss Piggy becomes Wonder Pig.
Episode 419 Super Sheep becomes the hero of his own story.
Episode 419 Statler becomes Money Man in the episode's epilogue.

Sesame Street

Picture Production Description
Super Grover is Sesame Street’s long-standing superhero.
Captain Vegetable promotes eating vegetables.
1463 01a.jpg
Superbird, and Big Bird's other superhero personae
Captain Breakfast.jpg
(First: Episode 1492) Captain Breakfast is a strong advocate for a healthy breakfast.
1829 04a.jpg
Episode 1829 Super Snuffy creates a breeze on a hot day, and vacuums up spilled cereal.
(First: Episode 2857) Super Grover teaches Elmo how to be a superhero.
Episode 3043 Merry Monster becomes the Quiet Crusader to help find Telly Monster. However, her method of finding Telly is to call out his name in a soft voice.
Episode 3043 Merry Monster becomes the Loud Crusader to help find Telly Monster, when her last superhero, the Quiet Crusader, wasn't working out. Her method is to find Telly by shout his name with her loud voice.
Telly sometimes dons a homemade cape (a blue towel tied with yellow string) when portraying his superhero personas, such as "Triangle Guy" in Episode 3058 and "Super Telly" in Imagine That!
Episode 3122 Penny Pipkins, alias Super Nanny, is a super-powered caregiver.
Episode 3123 SuperWorm is strong enough to lift a Snuffleupagus, but he's afraid of birds.
(First: Episode 3225) Dressed as superheroes, Telly, Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, Herry, and Merry take Super Grover's flying class.
(First: Episode 3886) Super Adventure Boy is one of Ernie's imaginary friends who attended Ernie's tea party, along with Cinderella, the Friendly Giant, and Telly. After the party, Super Adventure Boy and Ernie left the party to go on an adventure.
Episode 4037 Oscar the Grouch acquires Super Grover's old, tattered cape.
Episode 4071 Zoe and Rosita don superhero costumes to attend Professor Super Grover's School for Super-Heroes.
Episode 4105 Super Chicken has been known to incite jealousy in Super Grover.
Episode 4121 Telly's doll Freddy appears as "Fantastic Freddy"
Episode 4124 Slimey the Hero helps in areas where big people can't go.
Episode 4176 Horatio the Elephant takes a job as Super Grover's sidekick, but he keeps getting stuck in doorways.
Episode 4176 Robin is Super Chicken's sidekick.
Episode 4218 Telly (Mr. Furry), Abby Cadabby (The Furry Tornado), and Elmo (The Furry Flash) search for a fourth member of their team (Furry Muscles) to become the "Furry Four".
Elmo appears as "Asking Elmo" who asks questions to find things out.
Samuel pretends to be "Superhero Samuel" in Family Forever: A Julia Storybook and Julia and Samuel's Playdate. In the latter, he's aided by his superpup Rose and Rosita the Runner.
Elena becomes "Mega Mommy" and quickly puts on some superhero accessories in Julia and Samuel's Playdate.
Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures Bert and Ernie become Super Pigeon and Rubber Duckie Man.
Elmo's World: The Beach Mr. Noodle pretends to be Super Noodle.
Elmo's World: Families Grover's Mommy crashes just like her son.
Elmo's World: Sky Natasha appears as SuperBaby in an "Elmo's World" segment, a sketch with Super Grover and featured in her own titled sketch with her parents where she presented the letter S.
Food for Thought The Super Foods (cheese, broccoli, whole wheat bread, and banana) appear on Sesame Street to help citizens when Super Grover can't.
Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me Captain Super Ultra Mega Smile Man teaches a boy how to take care of his teeth.
A Magical Halloween Adventure Telly dresses as a super cheese for Halloween.
(First: Episode 1171) Thelma Thumb is the superhero persona of Marcia Middlewell, who can shrink to the size of a salt shaker.
(First: Episode 3401) Alphaboy loves letters.
(First: Episode 4117) Super Wendy is a girl who flies around saving bird eggs that fall from a tree shaken loose by an elephant scratching his back against the bark, and removing a baseball that gets stuck in a chain-link fence. After a full day of superheroing, she grows hungry and eats her leftovers she saved from the restaurant earlier.
Sg readyforaction heroes.gif
Super Grover! Ready for Action Telly, Zoe, Elmo and Rosita join Super Grover in superhero costumes.
Ernie superman.jpg
Sesamstrasse Merchandise Ernie has appeared on Sesamstrasse shot glasses and a postcard as a superhero, and a secret identity with Clark Kent-like glasses.
Tyco super muppet 1997 cookie.jpg
Super Muppet dolls Grover, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Elmo and Zoe appear in a set of superhero plush from Tyco.

International Sesame Street

Picture Production Description
Sesamstrasse Super-Grautsch is the super grouch in Germany.
Folge 2478
Super-Samson teaches Wolle and Pferd how to be superheros, and they team up as "the Fantastic Three." They perform heroic deeds on Sesamstrasse, but they're much misunderstood, and the people they "rescue" aren't grateful at all. (YouTube)
Eine Möhre für Zwei
"Der Verkleidungswettbewerb"
Wolle and Pferd temporarily dress up as superheros for a costume contest, but soon toss the costumes for a more original idea.
Sisimpur Halum becomes Shobji Palowan (Vegetable Champion) that tries to perform heroic deeds.

Muppet Magazine

Picture Production Description
Summer 1983 During a lightsabre battle, Gonzo goes from Barff McVader to SuperSchnozz.
Summer 1984 Miss Piggy appears as SuperMoi with Supergirl star Helen Slater.
Summer 1987 Beaker appears as Super Beaker in an issue featuring Superman star Christopher Reeve. Among his superfeats, he is strong enough to lift a chair with Reeve sitting in it.

Muppet Babies

Picture Production Description
"Noisy Neighbors" Baby Gonzo as Super Gonzo.
"This Little Piggy Went to Hollywood" Baby Piggy dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. During a song montage, one of the films she's shown to have starred in is "Superpig."
"Comic Capers" Baby Animal as Spider-Animal.
"Sing a Song of Superheroes" Baby Kermit, Baby Fozzie, Baby Rowlf, and Baby Bean Bunny portray Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baby Piggy appears as a Wonder Woman-style valkyrie, Baby Scooter and Baby Skeeter play the Wonder Twins, and Baby Gonzo portrays Batman.

Muppet Babies (2018)


Picture Production Description
MB2018-ep04 superheroes group shot.jpg
"Super Fabulous vs Captain Icecube"
and more
Baby Piggy regularly assumes the role of caped superhero Super Fabulous!. She protects Muppetopolis with her Glitter Lasso and her Super Fabulous Power Bow, which helps her fly, among other things. The character appears to be based off of a fictional comic book character on the show.
"Super Fabulous vs Captain Icecube"
and more
Summer Penguin regularly takes on the role of caped superhero Captain Icecube. She protects Muppetopolis with her Frosty Freeze Water Balloons and rides her flying Icicle Tricycle. The character appears to be based off of a fictional comic book character on the show.
"The Froginizer"
and more
Baby Kermit takes the role of caped superhero The Froginizer. He protects Muppetopolis utilizing his super listening power. At other times, Kermit plays the role of Commissioner Kermit. In "Rise of the Pickler," it is revealed that he resides within the Fortress of Frog-I-Tude. The character appears to be based off of a fictional comic book character on the show.
"Skeeter and the Super Girls" Skeeter assumes the role of caped superhero Top Speed. She protects Muppetopolis utilizing her super speed powers. The character appears to be based off of a fictional comic book character on the show.
"Rise of the Pickler" Baby Fozzie switches from villain to hero, for a change, playing the role of The Incredible Joke, Super Wocka.


Picture Production Description
"Super Fabulous vs Captain Icecube"
and more
Baby Gonzo regularly assumes the supervillain role of Dr. Meanzo. He wreaks havoc in Muppetopolis aboard his Meanzocopter.
"Super Fabulous vs Captain Icecube"
and more
Baby Fozzie regularly assumes the role of villain henchman The Noodler. He provides Dr. Meanzo with a cage for the superheroes, made entirely of noodles.
"Super Fabulous vs Captain Icecube"
and more
Baby Animal regularly assumes the role of villain henchman Meanimal. He helps Dr. Meanzo catch and guard the superheroes.
"Rise of the Pickler" Underappreciated Meanimal finds a new super power in an accidentally pickled remote control, and turns into The Pickler when Dr. Meanzo repeatedly forgets to thank him for his help.
"Rise of the Pickler" Camilla, Priscilla and Beep appear to pose a new threat to Muppetopolis, when the mustachioed girls turn pickles into eggs with the help of a super powered remote control.
"The Ribbiter" Robin, much to his uncle's chagrin, takes on the supervillain persona of The Ribbiter. The character appears to be based off of a fictional comic book character on the show.

Comics and Other Print Media

Picture Production Description
Epi, Blas y los demás (1970s) Cookie Monster's superhero persona gaces the cover of an Epi, Blas y los demás comic book from the 1970s.
"Disco Frog" comic from the 1979 UK Muppet Show Annual Beaker is seen as SuperBeaker in a version different from the Muppet Magazine SuperBeaker, transformed by one of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's chemical mixtures.
1981 Hallmark stickers Kermit appears as a superhero on a sticker.
Kermit's Garden of Verses Super Rat makes his first appearance since The Muppet Show.
Muppet Babies #11
We're All Superheroes! Abby Cadabby images herself as Super Storyteller because she knows all the best fairy tales.
We're All Superheroes! The perfect superhero persona for Bert is Super Cleaner-Upper because he vacuums and cleans up Ernie's messes.
We're All Superheroes! Cookie Monster imagines that he's Super Cookie Eater who can gooble cookies in one bite and leap to the tallest trees to pick apples.
We're All Superheroes! Elmo imagines himself as Racecar Man because racecars are really fun, even though he doesn't know how to drive yet.
We're All Superheroes! Ernie is imagined as Bubble Man who rub-a-dub-dubs in the bathtub until he's squeaky clean.
We're All Superheroes! Oscar imagines that he's Super Grouch, which he thinks is a rotten idea.
We're All Superheroes! Zoe imagines that she could be "Super Dancer" with the ability to leap and spin.
The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion #7 The Muppets are seen wearing costumes of familiar DC Comics and Marvel Comics characters, including Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Thor, and Robin.
Superhero fozzie.JPG
It's Story Time Fozzie proclaims himself to be the world's newest superhero, Mirror Man, for his Halloween costume. He says its the perfect costume for someone who can't decide what they want to be, because he can be anything that reflects in the mirror.
T-shirt Gonzo dressed as a superhero on an international Disney Store t-shirt. The same image has been available from in the US since 2005.


Picture Production Description
Dog City episode "Who Watches the Watch Dog?" The Watch Dog is Dog City's superhero canine.
Mopatop's Shop episode "Gluey Gloop" Mighty Mongoose's powers are affected by her tattered cape.
Palisades Toys action figures The Super Beaker Action Figure is different from either of Beaker's previous superhero personae from the Muppet Show annual or Muppet Magazine (see above).
Dinosaurs episode "Earl, Don't Be a Hero" Captain Impressive is the superhero persona of Earl Sinclair.
Dinosaurs episodes "Leader of the Pack"
"Earl, Don't Be a Hero"
"Scent of a Reptile"
Captain Action Figure made several appearances on one of Baby Sinclair's favorite TV shows.
From the Balcony Several heroes audition for X-Men: III including The Blimp, The Procrastinator, The Defroster, Beaverine, The Invisible Twins, and Scorn. Additionally, Waldorf displays his ability to shoot laser beams out of his eyes to blow up Statler's head.