Written by Brian Wilson and Chuck Berry
Date 1963
Source Surfin' USA (album)
Publisher Arc Music Corp

Surfin' USA is a Beach Boys song performed on The Muppet Show in episode 518. In the episode, which spoofs the Arabian Nights tales, Kermit the Frog plays Sinbad the Sailor. He and his frog henchmen are looking for treasure, and they run across a cave, which is guarded by Sweetums.

The ogre explains that he's guarding the cave from Sinbad the Sailor. He demands to know the intruder's name, and Kermit answers, "Sinbad." Sweetums erupts, and Kermit quickly explains that he's not Sinbad the Sailor—he's Sinbad the Surfer! To prove it, the gang sings "Surfin' USA". Convinced, Sweetums joins in the song.

This song was later performed by Kermit and Clifford on the 1993 Muppet Beach Party CD, as they watched their friends play in the ocean. During the song, they mention that the Rats are making a pyramid on their surfboard.

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