Written by Tony Geiss and Sam Pottle
Date 1975
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 0911

Surprise is a Sesame Street ensemble cast number from Season 7. Led by Big Bird, the song explains in great detail the meaning of the word surprise. Visual demonstrations include a rabbit popping out of Maria's hat, Grover popping up in various places, Mr. Hooper walking into a talking wall behind a door, Bob getting doused with the elements, and many a pie in the face. The segment concludes with a scene of Big Bird getting a surprise birthday party, showing that some surprises can be pleasant ones.

The song features appearances by Big Bird, Mr. Hooper, Maria, a rabbit, Gordon, David, Bob, Stuie Monster, a blue monster, Grover and a talking wall.

The song was screened at the season's wrap party, where Dulcy Singer delivered a pie to Jon Stone's face in response to the segment.[1]

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