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Magnus Härenstam (Dirren) & Lill Lindfors (Millejor) in "Svenska Sesam".

Millejor, Dirren, Primadonnan & Pompom.

The cartoon characters "Hansson" & "Fia Jansson".


Svenska Sesam Intros

Two intros for the show

Svenska Sesam was the second Swedish version of Sesame Street. 30 episodes were produced and aired from October 31, 1981[1] until April 11, 1982 over network SVT2 (Sveriges Television). The show took place behind the scenes of "Galateatern" (a theater) and had Swedish live actors; no puppet characters were used in those segments. The theatrical troupe consists of the harried managing director Dirren; Millejor, the costume designer, general assistant, and most sensible of the staff; Primadonnan, the vain leading lady; and Pompom, the eccentric janitor and amateur scientist.

The only puppets on the show were from the American sketches, which were dubbed in Swedish. The show was written by Birgitta Götestam and Peter Flack, who also had minor roles on the show. The show also featured two Swedish cartoon characters in inserts, Hansson (the parrot) and Fia Jansson (the hippopotamus), created by Owe Gustafson.

The show went into a re-run August 23, 1982 and ended in January 28, 1983. The last time the show was seen on Swedish TV was from March 28, 1984 to July 13, 1984

Human Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Character Translations and Voices

English Name Swedish Name Swedish Voice Actor
Ernie   Peter Harryson
Bert   John Harryson
Kermit the Frog Grodan Kermit Lars Amble
Grover   Gösta Prüzelius
Cookie Monster Kakmonstret Ernst Günther
Sherlock Hemlock   Lars Amble
Herbert Birdsfoot Herbie Lars Amble
Herry Monster Stormonstret/
Tor Isedal
Lefty the Salesman Forsäljaren/
Tor Isedal
Prairie Dawn Flickan
(The Girl)
Gunilla Norling
The Big Bad Wolf Vargen Tor Isedal
Beautiful Day Monster Monstret Tor Isedal
Bad Bart Skräck-Bert Peter Harryson
Marshal Earp Sheriff Earp Gunilla Norling
Cowboy Anything Muppets Cowboys Kjell Bergqvist
The Pig Grisen Kjell Bergqvist

Additional voices

Other credits

  • Swedish translation: Per-Arne Ehlin & Björn Lindroth
  • Dubbing directors: Per-Arne Ehlin, Ulf Reinhart & Jan Brandhildh

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