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Geneva, Switzerland marked on the map in a cut Muppets Most Wanted scene

Uncle Matt in the alps...

...witnessing a Swiss wrestling match.

Baby Piggy as Heidi in the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland is a country in Europe. Landlocked, it is bordered by Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. As a result, there is no single national language, instead adopting the languages of its neighbors. Switzerland is also famous for its neutrality in European and global conflicts and other affairs. The country is also known for its mountain regions, notably the famous Alps.

Switzerland's best known culinary contribution is Swiss Cheese, most often referring to Emmental or similar cheeses known for their holes. Anther famous food export is chocolate, and the transnational candy company Nestlé was founded and is headquartered there. Switzerland is also known for its fine craftsmanship of watches and the utilitarian nature of the famous Swiss army knife. Swiss banks are also renowned for their traditional secrecy.

Switzerland has made contributions to science and the CERN laboratory is located in Meyerin, a suburb of Geneva. In culture, the most famous Swiss folk hero is William Tell, while notable novels include Swiss Family Robinson and Heidi. Swiss natives include two of the founding members of Mummenschanz (Andres Brossard and Bernie Schürch) and actress Liselotte Pulver (later a regular on Sesamstrasse).


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