TV Movie #25/1993

TV Movie is a German biweekly magazine that publishes TV listings and articles about the entertainment industry, similar to TV Guide.

As a tie-in with the release of Die Muppets Weihnachtsgeschichte in theaters, and the annual holiday TV broadcast of Die Muppets erobern Manhattan, issue #25/1993 featured an exclusive cover photo of Miss Piggy, shot in collaboration with and under consideration of the magazine's chief photo editor's creative input.

Part of the letter from the editor in chief translates to:

From the Editor: Miss Piggy on the cover — that was our Christmas wish this year. Though, you've probably never before seen the lady pig in the way that she appears here. The cover photo was shot exclusively, according to the ideas, and under creative participation of our chief photo editor Claus Ross at the Henson studios in New York City. It took an entire day to prep the puppet to appear as glamorous and life-like as she does.

The issue further features a two-page review of Die Muppets Weihnachtsgeschichte (in which editor Eric Hegmann, besides inaccurately calling Rowlf the "piano dog Bobby," deems the movie a must-see for the holiday season), as well as a short interview with director Brian Henson about the movie, and about the appeal and the future of the Muppets.

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