Dr. Phil van Neuter in Muppets from Space

Tales from the Vet was a recurring Muppets Tonight sketch, loosely inspired by the horror anthology Tales from the Crypt. Host Dr. Phil van Neuter, aided by his assistant Mulch, presented scary stories about animals, such as "The Turkey Who Loved Thanksgiving."


Dr. Phil van Neuter tells the story of Taylor the Turkey, who likes Thanksgiving, despite being the main course.
Dr. Phil Van Neuter only receives two fan letters, while Mulch gets the rest (even though Mulch can't read). Dr. Van Neuter reads a letter which asks about how he met his wife. Dr. Neuter, who married Mulch's sister Composta Heap, describes their courtship by singing "She Blinded Me with Science".
Dr. Phil van Neuter tells Mulch to put on a scary video, but Mulch accidentally shows a home movie from a Christmas party, where Dr. Van Neuter got drunk after drinking too much egg nog. It was only one hour and twenty-five minutes after the party began that Dr. Van Neuter passed out.
Dr. Phil van Neuter reads a story similar to "The Turkey Who Loved Thanksgiving". In this story, Percy the Pig wonders where his family is.
After Arsenio Hall has died, Dr. Phil van Neuter decides to bring him back to life.
Dr. Phil recalls how Mulch talked him into using an echo machine on the show.
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