Info parking

I still have a goal, on the backburner, to create pages for a lot of the musicians used on the soundtracks or shows (Sesame, Muppet Show, etc.) I'd identified who played what instrument for many on this album, then of course keep forgetting a lot of it, so until I get around to making pages (and also for the aid of listeners, since the musicians/instruments function as characters here), I'm doing a sort of "cast chart." It also helps me park any other info about them for eventually expanding this page. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 08:00, May 20, 2013 (UTC)

Instrument Character/solo song Musician
French horn Jean-Jacques Jean Larry Wechsler
Trumpet Flip Flunkit Mel Davis
Tuba Booba Tony Price
Trombone Joan/

Stan, "Trombone Man"

Bob Alexander
Violin Victor Vivaldi Harry Cykman
Diana Halperin
Double bass Vernado Vivaldi Bob Cranshaw
Viola Viola Vivaldi Emanuel Vardi
Cello Variety Vivaldi Alan Shulman
Oboe "Opus for Oboe" Phil Bodner
Piano Piano Tuner's Tango Dave Conner
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