Talking View-Master is a variant of the popular View-Master toy, which combines three-dimensional images with a pre-recorded soundtrack. In the first version, released in 1970, a small transparent phonograph disc was attached to the back of a standard paper View-Master reel. In the second version, released in 1984, a plastic cartridge held both the picture reel and the phonograph disc separately. The third version, released in 1997, used digital sound.

Talking View-Master sets, 1984

There were several Muppet and Henson-related sets released for the second version of the Talking View-Master. The Sesame Street sets used images from previously-released reels, but the Muppet set was all-new material.

  • "The Muppet Circus", featuring the Muppet Show cast
  • Sesame Street No. 1
  • Sesame Street No. 2: "Sesame Street Visits the Farm" and "Shapes, Colors, and Sizes"
  • Sesame Street Nursery Rhymes/Seven Furry Monsters
  • A Fraggle Rock set

Talking View-Master sets, 1997

The Henson-related sets produced for the third version of the toy were: