Rowlf does his taxes.


Fozzie Bear gets audited.


Form 1040, perfect for any production number

A tax is a financial charge or levy imposed upon taxpayers by the state or higher authority. Tax money is often used to fund public goods and services, such as the fire and postal services (both of which consist of the people in your neighborhood).


  • The Boston Tea Party, a protest against taxation, has been referenced a number of time in Muppet productions. In one Wilkins Coffee ad, Wontkins (with a feathered headband) commands the tea to be dropped in the Boston harbor; a stuffy, Englishman (Wilkins) believed serving Wilkins Tea instead would've prevented the protest. Years later, a Sesame Street News Flash covered the events of the party, where the tax issue is directly stated, only the misinformed colonists throw their T-word items into the harbor instead.
  • Fozzie Bear is shown going through a tax audit in a sketch for Good Morning America on April 19, 1992 (one day before the annual deadline to file one's income tax forms). His auditor is baffled by his unusual deductions (for items such as rubber chickens and cream pies). When Fozzie asks simply what he owes, the auditor launches into a performance of "Money" and cleans Fozzie out of every dollar he has.
  • As Johnny Fiama advertises his album Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ya in episode 105 of Muppets Tonight, Sal Minella reveals that Johnny has made quite a fortune off his previous albums. Johnny silences him and reminds him of his tax audit, forcing Sal to immediately deny what he's just admitted.
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