PERFORMER Ted Danson voice
DEBUT 1989

Ted is a character featured in a sketch from episode 102 of The Jim Henson Hour. His story begins about 400 million years ago in the Devonian period of the Paleozoic era where all creatures live under the sea in universal harmony. When Ted, a creature of indeterminate origins, decided he was tired of being wet behind the ears, he set out to seek contentment elsewhere. He eventually found refuge on dry land and remained there for millions of years until he evolved into a homo sapien. Over time, Ted becomes master of all he surveys and uses his resources for many of his needs. Despite his symbiotic balance with the Earth, he feels a need for more. Unfamiliar with how to handle the byproducts of his progress, his naiveté results in an unfortunate level of damage for the creatures with whom he shares his living space. This culminates into an interception with the creatures who represent where he comes from. Ted sees the error of his ways, but doesn't know how he can fix it. His story is left open leaving those involved unsure as to how it may all end.


  • The puppet later appears in CNN news footage, operated by an unnamed performer, in a workshop for The Vision of Jim Henson. In this one-shot display of improvization, he is referred to as Parvous.

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