PERFORMER Michelan Sisti puppeteer
  Brian La Rosa body
  Diedrich Bader voice
DEBUT 2002

Ted Bedderhead is the lead singer, lead guitarist, and the band leader of The Country Bears. Ted is the older brother to Fred Bedderhead. In the film he is the only who despises the idea of getting the band back together. He claims he was the reason they stayed together while the others were drinking (Zeb), blubbering (Tennessee), or staring into space (Fred). He claims that they never thanked him for that.

He also lied saying he was still rich but in reality he spent all of it, he has a job singing at weddings and children's birthday parties, and he lives with Elton John as a neighbor and gardener. Thanks to Beary, he remember why he became a Country Bear in the first place and is willing to save the beloved Country Bear Hall.