Collins, with the storyboard for "Wanda the Witch"

Tee Collins was an animator who created several animated skits or Sesame Street, notably Wanda the Witch, Nancy the Nanny Goat, and the "X-Xylophone" skit. He recalled that "it was hard to come up with a happy word for X."[1]

Collins, born in Harlem, was the first African-American animator to establish his own studio in New York. He produced television commercials, notably the Piel's Beer commercials starring Bert and Harry Piel. When queried by Phyllis Feinstein for the 1971 book All About Sesame Street as to how he enjoyed his Sesame Street work in contrast to commercial advertising, Collins' response was, “Great! Everything you do doesn’t have to come out at precisely 58 seconds as most TV commercials do. You have more latitude, much more freedom.”


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