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usage: {{divid|identifier}} (typically placed at the top of a table cell)

A few things to remember when using these, or just coming across them while you're editing:

1. Whatever identifier you find inside an existing template β€” shown pink in the example above β€” DO NOT CHANGE THIS. If you do, even in the slightest (capitalization, adding a number, adding a space, etc), it will break the links coming to that section of the page. If you absolutely must change the identifier for whatever reason, you need to look at the code of every page that links to your article and update the anchor tags (the identifier following the hashtag) in each link.

2. When creating new identifiers, use all lowercase, and no spaces. Div IDs are case sensitive and spaces tend to confuse the URL structure. Also, be specific. If three sketches on the page have to do with food, and one of them gets identified as "food" for the anchor link, assigning identifiers might be confusing for editors who come to the page later. Consider "foodsoup" or some other specific identifier instead.

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