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DEBUT 1992

Terri Springer is Artie's mother on Dog City. A springer spaniel, Terri is a confident businesswoman and single mother, a forceful female who attracts the attention (and affection) of Eliot Shag. She also serves as the new inspiration for Rosie O'Gravy, the animated love interest of Ace Hart, when the original model, Colleen Barker, moves away.

Both of the Dog City love interests, Terri and Colleen, were portrayed by Fran Brill. Colleen's replacement is indicative of a desire to have a female character whose identity was not simply "Eliot's girlfriend," and the addition of Terri provided a family backdrop for Artie. Her career served as an explanation for why Artie was always hanging around Eliot's apartment, and the inter-relationships amongst the three characters provided material for many of the Muppet plots.

Her puppet is later recycled in Mopatop's Shop as Mrs. Flibbertigibbet.