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*[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1859734/ IMDb]
*[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1859734/ IMDb]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Mierendorf, Tetje}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Mierendorf, Tetje}}
[[Category:International Celebrities]]
[[Category:International Celebrities]]

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Tetje Mierendorf as the stone age man with Samson.

Tetje Mierendorf (b. 1972) is a German actor who guest starred on Sesamstrasse in 2008, as a stone age man in episode 2422. Previously, he had dubbed Telly Monster (replacing Franz-Josef Steffens) beginning around 2004.[1] With a background in musical theater, he was also heard on Elmo - Das Musical (Elmo the Musical) as Darth Chicken ("Pizza the Musical") and Ed ("Cowboy the Musical").

Based out of Hamburg, Mierendorf's credits include the German version of FOX's reality show My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. In German productions of Broadway musicals, he played Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, Vince Fontaine in Grease, and Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors.

Film and TV credits include the Oscar-nominated short film Die rote Jacke (The Red Jacket, 2002) and appearances on Der Landarzt and crime dramas Großstadtrevier and Tatort. Mierendorf's other dubbing roles include a sea captain in the German animated feature The Little Polar Bear 2, Rekkit Rabbit, Gordon on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and Skadge in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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