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Music by Bud Luckey
Lyrics by Donald Hadley
Publisher Sesame Street Inc
First Episode 0279

Sesame Street That's About the Size

Bud Luckey sings "That's About the Size."

"That's About the Size" (also known as "Infinity") is an animated cartoon produced for Sesame Street by Bud Luckey, who animated and sang.

It opens with what looks like a sunrise over the Earth, but this is revealed to be only a tiny piece of rock, which an ant picks up and puts in its mouth. The camera keeps pulling back during the segment, making big things seem smaller in comparison with even bigger things. The ant is smaller than a larger bug, which is smaller than a snail, which is smaller than a bird, which is smaller than a dog, who is walking with two boys at the zoo. The camera continues to pull back to reveal a giraffe and elephant at the zoo, then the entire city, then the entire country, then the entire planet Earth, and then out to other planets orbiting around The Sun. Then the two boys and their dog are shown walking under the sun, as it sets, and night falls over the Earth.

According to Karen Prell in a post at the Muppet Central message board, Bud Luckey at one time had the original storyboards for this cartoon hanging on the walls in his office at Pixar.[1]