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Music by Harold S. Arlen
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Date 1942
Publisher Famous Music LLC

Jaye P. Morgan and Dr. Teeth duet.

"That Old Black Magic" is an American pop-standard, which was a number one hit for Glenn Miller in 1943. Several subsequent recordings have charted on the Billboard top 30. It has been associated with the Muppets since the 1950s.

Kermit and Sam lip-synced to a recording of the song by Louis Prima and Keely Smith in an episode of Sam and Friends. Kermit took Smith's part in the song, wearing a brown wig, while Sam danced frantically and sang Prima's part.

This is one of the most well known Sam and Friends episodes, and portions of it are used in most documentaries. This is also the only surviving Sam and Friends episode that features the title character. Kermit was performed by Jane Henson, while Jim Henson puppeteered Sam's dance. They performed this bit on The Today Show as well.

The song was also performed in several duets featuring the Muppet Show characters: