Released 1996
Duration 96 min
Director Steve Barron
Written by Sherry Mills, Steve Barron, Tom Benedek and Barry Berman
Music Rachel Portman
Studio New Line Cinema
Rated G

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a 1996 live-action version of the classic "Pinocchio" story.

The film started its life when Steve Barron and Jim Henson approached The Walt Disney Company with a live-action version of the classic tale. Disney passed on the project, but it was revived years later when Barron was sent a script that would eventually become The Adventures of Pinocchio.[1]

Henson's initial involvment was what led to Jim Henson's Creature Shop being asked to provide the creature effects for Pinocchio, the sea monster, and other animatronics, and the original model for Pepe the Cricket (with final animation and digital puppetry by MediaLab).


Jim Henson's Creature Shop


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