Rowlf, ready for space travel on The Jimmy Dean Show (May 6, 1965).

The Adventures of Rowlf in Outer Space is the title of a proposed television series, created during the rise in popularity of Rowlf the Dog on The Jimmy Dean Show.

The plot for this space adventure involved Rowlf traveling to planets and solar systems far outside of our own, using his own, homemade rocket. On one such planet, everything is on wheels -- people, animals, trees, shopping centers, etc. Inhabitants of the planet have to roll on by from east to west because the nights are so cold, so they keep moving to stay in the sun. Rowlf gets tired of walking, especially when he has to push his rocket ship in a wheel barrow. Sometimes he gets tired and sits to watch the world go by -- at which time a song cue would be called for.

Throughout his journeys, Rowlf encounters many trials and tribulations and in one case, manages to save an entire civilization of Fneebs from the Horrendous Fneeb-Eating Ka-Zunch.

Jim Henson: The Biography mentions the response to the script:

The proposal was met with some enthusiasm, but Jim was up against the usual puppetry prejudice: no one could see Jim's idea as anything more than a kids' show, which is not where Jim wanted to be.[1]

A script outline is held in the files of the Jim Henson Company Archives.


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