"The Adventures of Salty and Pierre" is an animated segment on Sesame Street starring the French-accented adventurers Salty (a salt shaker) and Pierre (a pepper shaker), first used in season 40. The pair go on number safaris in search of numbers. Pierre is the sometimes irritated straight man (mostly) with Salty as the wackier half of the partnership. Their world consists of other objects made from food items and kitchen utensils (resulting in broccoli trees or a mountain of potatoes).

The segments were animated by Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio and the music was by Eric Friend.


Picture Number / First Appearance Description
Episode 4188
Salty and Pierre search for the number 2, but only find a lake occupied a swan. This reminds Salty of his favorite ballet, Swan Lake, and his dancing knocks Pierre into the blueberry lake (revealing that the swan is shaped like a two, as is its companion)
Episode 4203
Salty and Pierre look for 5 in a backyard and spot a doghouse, but argue over who should go in first. When the doghouse is upended, its door forms the number 5. The dog ("Le woof") shows up and takes a shine to Pierre.
Episode 4193
Salty and Pierre ride a train, seeking the number 9. Salty sees nine puffs of smoke form a 9, but it disappears when Pierre turns to see it. Pierre is steaming, causing another 9 to form.
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