Songs from
Released 1972
Format LP
Label Warner Bros. Records
Cat no. BS 2670

The Age of Television is an audio documentary about the history of American television from 1946 to 1972, narrated by Milton Berle, Hugh Downs and Arlene Francis.

On the track "Gosh, Mr. Wizard!", which deals with children's shows, Berle mentions The Muppets as being a very talented group, who "exploded" on Sesame Street. The track also features a clip from the "Astronaut" sketch from the "Today's Secret Drawing" series.

The back cover of the LP, designed as a parody of TV Guide listings, also mentions Sesame Street. In a tongue-in-cheek listing for the show, the synopsis reads:

  1. The cookie monster buys a bakery
  2. B is for bakery
  3. B is for bankruptcy

Track listing

Side One

  1. Howdy Doody Lives
  2. Come a Ti Yi Nielsen Yippee Yay
  3. Top Bananas Grow on Tubes

Side Two

  1. Reveille
  2. Day-O, Day-O
  3. Is It Bigger Than a Breadbox?
  4. Gosh, Mr. Wizard!
  5. Coda