Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Illustrator Bill Davis
Published 1981
Publisher Golden Press
Series Sesame Street Book Club
ISBN 0307231313

The Amazing Mumford Presents the Magic Weather Show is a 1981 Sesame Street book featuring the Amazing Mumford and his eager assistant, Grover. Grover is helping Mumford in his stage act, but nothing seems to go right. Instead of making it rain, he makes it snow, then fog rolls in, then gusts of wind, then a shower of hail, and finally sunshine. Giving up on his act, he asks Grover to look in his magic chest for some peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. But the minute he says the words, rain begins to pour down, soaking the duo's lunch.

Among those in the audience are a purple construction worker who resembles Sully, Grandmother Happy, a Twiddlebug, Betty Lou, and Little Chrissy.



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