Founded in 1997, the The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation's Archive of American Television has conducted hundreds of long-form videotaped interviews with the pioneers of television. The Archive’s vision is to chronicle electronic media history as it evolves and make the interviews available worldwide. New interviews are produced every year. The archive has digitized over 2,500 hours of original content, making hundreds of interviews accessible online, for free. The collection covers a variety of professions, genres, and topics in television history. Many individuals with careers related to the Muppets have been interviewed as part of the archive - including Muppeteers Caroll Spinney and Kevin Clash.

Lewis Bernstein

Bernie Brillstein

Kevin Clash

Ed Christie

Joan Ganz Cooney

Danny Epstein

Tony Geiss

Sonia Manzano

Bob McGrath

Roscoe Orman

Caroll Spinney

Norman Stiles

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