Music by Christopher Cerf
Lyrics by Emily Kingsley
Date 1990
Publisher Splotched Animal Music Co.
First Episode 2827


In "The Ballad of Slippery Slim", Slippery Slim and his pal, Slap-Happy Sly plan to sleep on a slippery slope, when Sly's sleeping bag slips and his slacks rip. Slim slides down the slope on his sled to Slappy's Slack Shed and must make it back up the slope in the sleet and snow. When all hope seems lost, he ties a slipknot to the front of his sleigh and tosses it up to Sly for him to pull, making things swell thanks to "old SL and Slim!"


  • This segment was directed by Jon Stone and was taped on November 27, 1990.[1]




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