"Surfin' USA"

The Beach Boys are a popular rock group, whose fame rose during the 1960s for their many hit singles, which are often associated with summer due to the subject matter of surfing and the beach.

Van Dyke Parks, who composed the score for Follow That Bird, wrote songs for the group.

Songs covered by The Muppets


  • Another Sesame song, "Coastline," parodies "Surfin' USA" (an alternate title being "Coastline USA"[1]).
  • In a Good Morning America sketch, Louis Kazagger interviews three baseballs. He tries to jog their memory of "the boys of summer." The balls, not familiar with the terminology, think he's referring to the Beach Boys and start singing "Surfin' Safari."
  • The "Great Vibrations" song performed in Episode 4326 of Sesame Street is loosely based on the band's "Good Vibrations."


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