Written by Andrew Gutelle
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1993
Publisher Grolier
Series Muppet Kids
ISBN 0717283348

The Best Gift of All is a 1993 Muppet Kids book. Kermit is summoned by an excited Skeeter to view a rare and exotic arrival on Elm Street: Peruvian guinea pigs in Wallaby's Pet Store. They are adorable and unusually furry for guinea pigs.

Skeeter plans to buy one tomorrow, while Kermit reflects how the only pets he ever had were tropical fish, which had very temporal lifespans. Kermit's parents agree to let him bring a mammal into the amphibious household, and the young frog sets to work preparing a cage, even before buying the new pet.

Next morning, a guinea pig boom has occurred and only one Peruvian rodent is left. Kermit buys the lone critter and immediately names it Widget. Then Skeeter arrives and leaves dejectedly, having been delayed doing errands with her dad. Kermit, who assumed Skeeter had bought one first, faces a decision. He returns Widget to Mr. Wallaby for a full refund, so he can sell it to Skeeter. However, combining altruism with market economy, Kermit lets Skeeter have the pet cage for free.

One month later, Widget is revealed to be female (and presumably impregnated prior to or during her short sojourn in the pet shop). She has three babies, and Skeeter invites Kermit over to take two as his own pets. While Kermit insists the act of doing a good deed for Skeeter was sufficient thanks, he still goes home with twice the rodents and no financial expenditure (he's even given a smaller cage).


Kermit, Skeeter, Mr. Wallaby

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