Book.The Best Thanksgiving Ever
Based on "The Best Thanksgiving Ever"
Published 2000
Adapted by Nancy Inteli
Illustrator Rose Mary Berlin
Original story P. Kevin Strader
Pages 15
Publisher Simon Spotlight
ISBN 0-689-83455-1

The Best Thanksgiving Ever! is a sticker book adaptation of the 1999 episode "The Best Thanksgiving Ever". The book features a total of 66 stickers which are intended to be used to decorate the Big Blue House throughout the book.

In this story, it's Thanksgiving at the Big Blue House and Bear is busy in the kitchen. Ojo and the other kids agree to help out by setting up the decorations and putting on a play. Ojo takes charge as a Thanksgiving Commander, but soon finds her plans unraveling. When the food is burned, it looks like Thanksgiving is ruined until Doc Hogg and Grandma Flutter arrive.


  • The Best Thanksgiving Ever! combines photos of the characters with original illustrations.
  • Items that Doc Hogg and Grandma Flutter brought include vegetables in cheese sauce, potatoes and stuffing, a clam pie and a banana cream pie.