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The Best of Elmo (CD)
Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1997
Format CD
Label Sony Wonder
Cat no. LK 63394
LK 63397

The Best of Elmo was released on CD and cassette in 1997. The album was reissued by Koch Records on June 24, 2008. The re-released album included the same track listing; however, it featured new cover art.

Track listing[]

  1. Sesame Street Theme – Elmo
  2. Elmo's Song - Elmo, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus
    from Put Down the Duckie!
  3. Happy Tappin' with Elmo - Elmo
    from Sesame Street Celebrates!
  4. One Fine Face - Ernie and Elmo
    from Put Down the Duckie!
  5. Off to School - Elmo
    from Sesame Road
  6. Elmo Wrote His Name - Elmo, Big Bird, Susan and the Anything Muppets
  7. Splish Splash - Elmo and Friends
    from Splish Splash: Bath Time Fun
  8. Imagination - Elmo
  9. Drive My Car - Elmo
    from Sing-Along Travel Songs
  10. Be Doodle Dee Dum - Elmo, with Telly Monster, Mama Bear, Baby Bear and Zoe
  11. Elmo's Rap Alphabet - Elmo
  12. In Your Imagination - Elmo, with Hoots the Owl and Wolfgang the Seal
    from Dreamytime Songs
  13. Take a Breath - Elmo
    from Sing: Songs of Joe Raposo
  14. Just One Person - Elmo
  15. Sing - Elmo, with Big Bird, Telly Monster, Hoots the Owl, Cookie Monster, the Kids and the Cast of Sesame Street

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