Tiny prepares to complete the pyramid formation.
DEBUT 1976

The Bouncing Borcellino Brothers are six acrobat pigs from Boston who performed their "El Pyramido" act on episode 107 of The Muppet Show. Contrary to their name, the Borcellino Brothers do not bounce; rather, their weight sends them crashing through the stage, abruptly ending their performance. Kermit refers to the act as "a big disappointment."

They were named after the Italian hat company Borcellino.

The Bouncing Borcellino Brothers' act is the very first scene that features all six generic male pigs from season 1 together. One of these pigs, the one with brown hair and eyebrows, would later become Dr. Julius Strangepork. As with Dr. Strangepork, the haired pig is performed by Jerry Nelson.

The fattest of the bunch is named Tiny (mentioned to be 975 lbs). He is performed by Richard Hunt.

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