The Busby Twins

PERFORMER Jerry Nelson Joe
Β  Frank Oz Moe
DEBUT 1971
From The Sesame Street Dictionary.

The Busby Twins (Joe and Moe) are twin boys who appeared on Sesame Street in the 1970s. The twins were known for sharing everything, including their conversations, speaking one word or syllable at a time. They frequently confused the neighborhood shopkeeper with their requests, until he put both syllables together to form an understandable word. Their departing salutation would likewise be divided (e.g. "Good..." "Bye!")

On the show, Joe's cap was green while Moe wore blue (though in illustrations, they were often clothed completely identically). Though their tenure on the show was brief, they continued to appear in books and merchandise through the 1980s.


  • The Busby Twins meet the shopkeeper for the first time and ask for a can- dle. (First: Episode 0293)
  • The twins return for a ham-mer; Sam is bewildered when they keep rejecting his pork product. (First: Episode 0330)
  • The twins ask the storekeeper for a tieβ€” so the man shows them some neckties. They finish the word, and the man figures out that they're asking for a tire. When he asks them what kind of bicycle they have, they answer, "" (First: Episode 0367)

Book appearances

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